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Who is Crazier…?

Ok, I want to pose a question to all of you that was once posed by Comedian, Brad Stine. Who is Crazier; the man who believes in a God he cannot see or the man who is offended by the God that he does not believe in?

There is a good reason as to why I pose this question. The other day I was telling some people about the Scientology article that I posted before this article and I told the people the site to find it at. A man piped in and started talking about how the people I was talking to didn’t care and were ignoring me. He then had to thrown in the phrase, “God doesn’t exist!” Really? See… I wasn’t talking about God…I was talking about the cult of Scientology; but it just so happened that this guy must have gotten offended because I drew his attention in by talking about Scientology, but then he noticed that the word “Christian” is in the name of my website.

When I asked him why he did not believe in God, he said that I must be offended in order to ask the question. I simply reminded him that he was the one that engaged in the personal conversation with me and interupted me while talking to a group to talk about something only loosely related to what I was talking about only to start arguing with me about how God does not exist.

Anyways, I post the question again; Who is crazier…The man who believes in a God he does not see or the man who is offended by the God he does not believe in?

Logan Hawk / The Angry Christian


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Funny $¢ientology Stuff…

Here are some funny videos. The first one is crude and the language is bad, but it does drive home a point; I just thought that I would warn you of the adult nature of the first video…but it is funny nonetheless. The Second video is a reminder of why it is important for us to pray for those that got suckered into the cult of Scientology.


Logan Hawk / The Angry Christian

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I recently did a 10-part series on the Cult of $cientology called “Sci(FI)Entology”; followed up by an 11th part called why are they dead.  The eleventh part was more about the shutting down of a popular Anti-Scientology Site  Http://WWW.WhyAreTheyDead.Net.  Although this site looks as though it was shut down due to a lack of maintenance, Scientology has had a way of getting rid of those who oppose them (just do a Google search on “Fair Game + Scientology”).

I really don’t plan on returning to this topic unless something major happens.  Here is the jist of what has been going on.  From what I have gathered, there was a group known as “Anonymous” that began in Canada in the late 1990’s that operated solely through the internet that was just beginning to boom and was responsible for using the internet to tip off authorities to bring down massive drug rings, Sex-Crime Rings and Mafia Don’s.  In January of 2008 a Scientology Promotional video with Tom Cruise was leaked.  Anonymous veered its head at the cult and went world-wide over night.

Since Anonymous has taken this “New Direction”  it began a website at;


This page will give you all of the history that you need to find out why such a cult needs to be dismantled.  Abuses, scandal, murder, theft, fraud, practicing medicine without a license Etc.  I am really hoping that some of the members of Anonymous will be willing to come to this to leave comments and spark conversation.

Logan Hawk / The Angry Christian

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Hello All and Welcome to Angry Christian News!  I thank all of you for joining and hope you find this site informative and anecdotal.  Over time I will be posting more notes, podcast rss feeds and talking about different religious, political and world news.

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